Our Methods

Our Methods

Green Clean Edinburgh uses high quality, non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment.

Our aim is to protect you, your family, your pets, our team and the environment from the effects of the chemicals in ordinary household cleaning products. 

They clean and nourish furniture and surfaces but wont cause allergies. 

The result is a lovely sparkling, fresh smelling, clean and healthy home.

Not only are our products safe and eco-friendly, they are highly effective when getting down with the dirt and grime and they leave a citrus clean and fresh smell too!

The products we use are biodegradable. They have been thoroughly assessed to ensure they are as kind as possible to the environment. 

"Unlike conventional cloths, as you draw an e-cloth across a surface, the fibres clean by breaking up, trapping and absorbing dirt and grease into the material. All this with just water. The fibres' exceptional cleaning power leaves no residues of dirt or chemicals. e-cloths are made from a mix of nylon and polyester, in varying proportions and processed in many different ways to achieve a very specific result."

"happy, healthy homes are our mission. homes where potentially toxic chemicals don't lurk beneath your sinks or lay in wait on your surfaces. homes where clean doesn't come with eye-watering, breath-holding side effects. happy, healthy homes are the result of eliminating dirt with products formulated from naturally derived ingredients, safe for your family + furry companions."

"The natural world is a gigantic laboratory that's always inspiring our science. We look to unexpected sources like lotus flowers and butterfly wings, using the way they clean their wings as inspiration to develop a cleaner clean, that works for you and your home."

Henry Hoover

 "As well as having a friendly smiley face Henry has eco-friendly power settings and the HEPA filtering make him energy efficient and allergy friendly. His allergen retention is excellent which is perfect for those who suffer from dust allergens in the home. He loves carpets, hard floors and all kinds of pet hairs."